Travel Tips!

Hello friends!

How is your summer going?! Mine is beginning to come to an end sadly but that just means student teaching is getting ready to start! Woo! I have done a bit of traveling this summer and I thought I would give out a couple of traveling tips. Check out the Cancun travel diary I made of my latest trip!

  1. Use packing cubes. I have used these on all of my trips this summer and they make everything so much easier! You don’t have to worry about everything falling apart when you open your luggage and you can organize much easier! I will link the ones I have bellow.
  2. Bring a camera or Gopro! On my trip to Cancun I rented a GoPro and it was awesome to have and be able to document it for us to remember as well as to show our friends and family! I will also link the company I rented mine through below.
  3. Pack extra clothes on your carry-on! My family learned this mistake a few years ago while traveling to Mexico. Our luggage didn’t make it on our last flight so we were trapped at our resort in our sweat pants and leggings…. We now pack travel size sunscreen and a change of clothes, just in case!
  4. Liquid make-up in contact cases! I do this sometimes for moisturizer or foundation if I know I probably won’t need to wear it and don’t want to bring the full bottle of it. This is also great if you maybe want to spruce up a bit before getting off a flight because it meets the liquid standards to be in your carry-on!
  5. Put dryer sheets in your suitcase before shutting! I love this because who doesn’t want to open their luggage and have everything smell like it was fresh out of the dryer?!
  6. Bring your own snacks! I do this every time because ain’t no body got the money to spend $10 on mini yogurt parfait. I usually will pack some grapes or some time of fruit in Ziplock bags and then granola bars or whatever I am feeling.
  7. Download your airlines app! On most of the bigger airlines they have free in-flight entertainment which will help with your boredom. It is also is great because you can easily check to see what gate you need to be at or any flight changes.
  8. Pack your liquids in Ziplock bags! There is a stock of Ziplock bags in my suitcase from everything I put in them when I travel. Anything that has the slightest chance of spilling or getting broke is in a bag. This has saved my clothes and other products multiple times!
  9. Roll your clothes! Whenever I pack my clothes I always roll them. This helps prevent wrinkles and conserves space. It is great because I can stack more and fit more into my packing cubes.
  10. Keep all of your travel information in a folder! This saves so much time since everything that you will need is in the same place. I am always having to take everything out of my cary-on searching for my ticket or confirmation number so having everything in a folder that I can easily take out is great!


Change the world my friends,

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Cancun Travel Diary!

Packing Cubes

GoPro Rental


What’s Next?

Thinking about the next chapter in my life scares me. I know that it needs to be something that will make my parents proud because I do not want to be the person who lives at home and isn’t willing to find that next step to their journey. At the young age of 18 we are thrown into this new world and are supposed to take a shot in the dark on what we want to do for the rest of our lives. It has to be something that can pay off the never ending amounts of student loans as well as generate some form of an income that you are able to live and finally stop eating cereal for every meal.

I am looking at my last semester of college. The only thing that is keeping me from getting that $60,000 piece of paper is student teaching. I am very excited to put the last 4 years of work into student teaching. I don’t want to wish it away but I do want to move on to the next phase of life after college. Thinking about leaving my life that I have lived for 4 years is scary but I know I am ready. The “see you laters” I will have to say, on the other hand I am not ready for. I have developed a family here and would not have been able to make it through the countless thoughts of “Theses standards, direct instruction lesson plans, Common Core, units can go…” my mom might read this so I should probably keep this PG… (:

If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked “Where are you going to teacher after graduation?” I could probably make a pretty good payment on my student loans. The truth is I don’t know. I love my state of Iowa. I love the friendly people you meet in the grocery store and the endless farm fields. I also love the great state of Texas and beautiful blue bonnet fields. There are so many other great places that could be calling my name. I want to impact children. I want to give them the hope, strength, and knowledge to make their dreams happen. Wherever I am called to I will go with an open heart and an open mind. I have an amazing support system behind me that will allow me to chase my dreams and catch me if I fall.  I am forever thankful for them. Whatever ends up coming my way I know I can do it and I know that I am reading for this. 


Change the world my friends,

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Skin Care Favorites

Hello friends! As much as I thought I could maintain this blog of mine and keep up with school work it just did not happen. But thank heavens for summer breaks! I thought I would start my first blog post of the summer with skin care. I think it is so important to keep good care of your skin in the summer because that is when it can get the most damaged with the sun.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water

If you take anything away from this post take this! I have been using this in place of make up remover wipes at night and in the morning. I just put some on a pad and it removes so much make up and dirt that my make up wipes wont. It also is great for just cleansing your face when you wake up if you don’t want to wash your face. I have very sensitive skin and this product works great with my skin!

Beauty Counter Radiance Firming Complex

This is a new company that I am trying and everything that I have tried I have loved! In so many makeup and skin care products there are known toxins and terrible chemicals that have been linked to cancers, reproductive issues, and many other issues. This company stands for safe products and natural ingredients. There are so many more great things I could say about this company but let me get into this product. I put this product on before any of my moisturizers. I have really noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. It doesn’t make your skin feel greasy or oily after either which I love! If you are wanting to know more about this company and their products I will leave a link below!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I use this product a couple times a week when I feel my skin is a little more dry. It’s really lightweight which is great for the summer months! It gives your skin a velvety soft finish after you apply it and the days following.

Beauty Counter Balancing Face Oil

Another product from this company that I absolutely love! I put a couple drops of this in with my everyday moisturizer. This oil boosts your skins radiance as well as moisturizing with the blend of plant oils in the formula. Some may think that putting oil on an oily face would just make it more oily but with these oils it doesn’t! It is a really great product to add to your morning/night routine.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.48.28 AM
Beauty Counter Charcoal bar

I swear i’m not obsessed with this company…. Okay maybe I am. This charcoal bar detoxifies and absorbs impurities that your skin may have without drying your skin out. This gives you brighter more radiant skin, who doesn’t want that for the summer?! I use this every night and my skin has been so much clearer!

Glam Glow Youth Mud Mask

I love face masks so I had to include one! This one is good for  exfoliating which I always need in the summer time for peeling skin. It really rejuvenates and softens my skin after using it! I will only put it on areas that need it and then I might put just a simple mint mask on the remaining parts of my face.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! I have some ideas for fun posts this summer so hopefully I can keep up with this in-between school work. If you have any ideas that you want me to do just let me know! Change the world friends!


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Beauty Counter

Garnier Micellar Water

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair CreamGlam Glow Mask

The year of you

Well friends, it is 2016! Some of us may have had a very rough year and some of us may have had a very adventurous year, either way this new year is upon us and it’s our choice on how we are going to spend it. What kind of goals will you set? My big goal this year is to find happiness. Yes I have a wonderful boyfriend that loves me dearly and family and friends that do so as well. I want to find happiness in myself. I think that is one of the hardest things we as humans can do. We live in society that is very set on how we look or what people will think. Why can’t we live in a society where we bring people up and help others? So that brings me to my first goal.

This year I will be the change I wish to see. What a cheesy thing to say right? But what if I could impact one persons life and that inspires that one person to impact another. That can turn into a snowball effect that could in return impact so many lives just be helping that one person. I want to see positivity in the world and laughter so my goal is to bring that to people.

I want to love myself. Loving yourself. It sounds so easy. For many of us it is the hardest thing because we are always the hardest on ourselves. There is no one else in the world who needs your love more than yourself. I want to find my passions, my likes, and dislikes. I want to take the time to find my happiness. This year will be the year of me. I want to find my self worth and stop comparing the “instagram-worth” lifestyles to mine. I am beautiful, smart, kind, and loving.

I want to be okay with not having my life all together. For anyone that knows me, my beau in particular knows this better than anyone, I am a planner. If it was possible I would have my life planned out until the day I die. I like things being according to plan and to my plan. As I get closer and closer to graduation I am realizing that I can’t have everything planned out. I don’t know where I will be after graduation or in 20 years. For the sake of my sanity I try to plan things out and that drives my boyfriend crazy. I am beyond grateful that I have him to help me see the beauty in the unknown. I will continue building on my comfort of the unknown this year.

I want to find peace with my body. A woman’s body is a wonderful thing. What it is capable of is astounding. It can rebound from my binge eating nights full of cake, chocolate, and popcorn. I want to appreciate what my body can do. My legs, with or without cellulite, allow me to run, dance, and jump with joy. I will stop crying in the mirror because I don’t like what I see. I will stop obsessing over every carb, protein, and fat that I put into my body. My body is powerful and beautiful and I will believe this by the time this year has come to an end.

I think that it’s very important to set goals for yourself for the year. Do they need to happen on the New Year? Of course not. Sometimes it’s just easier to see that fresh start on the calendar. We all need to take the time to look at our life. There are so many great things to look forward to this year and in this world. I am looking forward to everything it will bring to me as well as others. Hello 2016, I am ready for you! Cheers!


Until next time,

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Happy holidays from the Machula clan!




DIY Mason Jar Snowmen

Hello Friends!

I love cute little crafts that are easy to make to give as gifts. Everyone loves them and who doesn’t appreciate homemade gifts?! I made these mason jar snowmen the other weekend and they are so adorable and easy not to share with you all!


Here are the supplies:


Pipe cleaners

Pom Poms

Mod Podge


Mason Jar

Mason Jar lids with holes

Fake Snow

Model Magic

Hot glue gun


To begin, coat your mason jar in the Mod Podge and roll or press the jar into the fake snow and let dry for a few hours. I chose to repeat this step twice to make sure I got a good coating of the snow on the jar.



While the jar is drying make your nose from the Model Magic and allow that to dry.


After the jar is dried warm your hot glue up. While that is happening form the ear muff  from the pipe cleaners. I wrapped it around a jar to get that rounded look.


Glue that to the mason jar band that you bought with the new lids with holes.

Once that is done you can glue on the pom pons to the ends of the pipe cleaners.


Take your jar and find where you want to put the eyes. I screwed the band that I just glued the ear muffs to on to see where the eyes need to go. Glue the eyes on and then the nose you made out of the Model Magic. DSC_0234

I sprayed some hairspray on the snow part of the jar to prevent fall out of the snow. It really helped and did not leave anything sticky! I also added a little tea light in the jar so that at night the snow will glisten and shine.

There you have it! So simple but so cute and easy for those last minute gifts.

Hope you all are having and blessed holiday season!

Until next time,

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Floppy Hats and Booties

Hello friends,

Fall is definitely upon us here in the Midwest. We have been having such beautiful days with the crunchy leaves blowing around and the warm autumn sun shinning down on us. My go-to fashion must haves lately have been booties and floppy hats. I haven’t been having much time lately to really put together outfits in the mornings and these booties can spice up any outfit!




Floppy hats are just the best. They add such a cute look to any outfit and they are so much fun!


I need to give a shout out to the MVP of my outfits every day. These booties from Target are the perfect pair! They are neutral enough to go with anything but really bring that fall look into the outfit. They are so comfy too! Coming from a girl who physically can not wear anything with a heal, they are great!


I also have been loving this little sweater/shawl from, where else than, Target. It is light weight enough to where you don’t feel like you’re drowning in it but still thick enough to keep you warm.



I love how versatile floppy hats and booties are! They are a definitely a staple item in my wardrobe for this time of year! What are some of your staple items right now?


Until next time,

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Booties: Target

Floppy Hat: Old Navy

Healthier Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Bread

Hello Friends!

Today is most definitely a fall day in my books. With overcast skies , leaves falling from trees, and a cool fall breeze, I felt obligated to bake something. During this time of year whatever I am baking is pumpkin; pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars, and today pumpkin bread! This recipe is so easy and much healthier than your normal pumpkin bread with all of the butter and grease. I will have all of the measurements listed below.

What you will need:


Flour, Baking Soda, Cinnamon, Sugar, Greek Yogurt, Coconut Oil, Vanilla, Salt, and Pumpkin

  • Feel free to add in anything to your mixture such as nuts, chocolate chips, cranberries

Cream your Coconut Oil and Sugar together


Then add your eggs, pumpkin, and vanilla


Stir in your dry ingredients until it is completely incorporated


I used this mini loaf pan so that I could give gift some to the neighbors but use whatever pan or mold you would like!


I topped a couple of mine with some chocolate chips but I think dried cranberries would be yummy to try too!

Because my pan was mini loafs they did not take as long to cook. With this pan, they were only in for about 45 minutes rotating from the top to bottom shelf in my oven.


I found these super adorable printable labels to tie around my loafs. I just taped the paper on to wax paper and cut around it and then used some bakers twine to wrap it around and tie it. I love the way they turned out! I will have them linked below.




The bread is dense and flavorful and my favorite recipe to use during these fall months!




2 eggs

1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 1/2 cups of pumpkin

1 tsp vanilla

1/3 cup of plain greek yogurt

2 cups of flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

3/4 tsp baking soda


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Cream together coconut oil and sugar

Add in pumpkin, greek yogurt, and vanilla

Mix together dry ingredients and gradually add in to wet ingredients

Add mixture to desired loaf pan

Bake 30-45 minutes for mini loafs or 1 hour for regular loaf pan

* Insert toothpick into center until comes out clean to check for doneness

Printable loaf labels 

Until next time,

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