Travel Tips!

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How is your summer going?! Mine is beginning to come to an end sadly but that just means student teaching is getting ready to start! Woo! I have done a bit of traveling this summer and I thought I would give out a couple of traveling tips. Check out the Cancun travel diary I made of my latest trip!

  1. Use packing cubes. I have used these on all of my trips this summer and they make everything so much easier! You don’t have to worry about everything falling apart when you open your luggage and you can organize much easier! I will link the ones I have bellow.
  2. Bring a camera or Gopro! On my trip to Cancun I rented a GoPro and it was awesome to have and be able to document it for us to remember as well as to show our friends and family! I will also link the company I rented mine through below.
  3. Pack extra clothes on your carry-on! My family learned this mistake a few years ago while traveling to Mexico. Our luggage didn’t make it on our last flight so we were trapped at our resort in our sweat pants and leggings…. We now pack travel size sunscreen and a change of clothes, just in case!
  4. Liquid make-up in contact cases! I do this sometimes for moisturizer or foundation if I know I probably won’t need to wear it and don’t want to bring the full bottle of it. This is also great if you maybe want to spruce up a bit before getting off a flight because it meets the liquid standards to be in your carry-on!
  5. Put dryer sheets in your suitcase before shutting! I love this because who doesn’t want to open their luggage and have everything smell like it was fresh out of the dryer?!
  6. Bring your own snacks! I do this every time because ain’t no body got the money to spend $10 on mini yogurt parfait. I usually will pack some grapes or some time of fruit in Ziplock bags and then granola bars or whatever I am feeling.
  7. Download your airlines app! On most of the bigger airlines they have free in-flight entertainment which will help with your boredom. It is also is great because you can easily check to see what gate you need to be at or any flight changes.
  8. Pack your liquids in Ziplock bags! There is a stock of Ziplock bags in my suitcase from everything I put in them when I travel. Anything that has the slightest chance of spilling or getting broke is in a bag. This has saved my clothes and other products multiple times!
  9. Roll your clothes! Whenever I pack my clothes I always roll them. This helps prevent wrinkles and conserves space. It is great because I can stack more and fit more into my packing cubes.
  10. Keep all of your travel information in a folder! This saves so much time since everything that you will need is in the same place. I am always having to take everything out of my cary-on searching for my ticket or confirmation number so having everything in a folder that I can easily take out is great!


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