The year of you

Well friends, it is 2016! Some of us may have had a very rough year and some of us may have had a very adventurous year, either way this new year is upon us and it’s our choice on how we are going to spend it. What kind of goals will you set? My big goal this year is to find happiness. Yes I have a wonderful boyfriend that loves me dearly and family and friends that do so as well. I want to find happiness in myself. I think that is one of the hardest things we as humans can do. We live in society that is very set on how we look or what people will think. Why can’t we live in a society where we bring people up and help others? So that brings me to my first goal.

This year I will be the change I wish to see. What a cheesy thing to say right? But what if I could impact one persons life and that inspires that one person to impact another. That can turn into a snowball effect that could in return impact so many lives just be helping that one person. I want to see positivity in the world and laughter so my goal is to bring that to people.

I want to love myself. Loving yourself. It sounds so easy. For many of us it is the hardest thing because we are always the hardest on ourselves. There is no one else in the world who needs your love more than yourself. I want to find my passions, my likes, and dislikes. I want to take the time to find my happiness. This year will be the year of me. I want to find my self worth and stop comparing the “instagram-worth” lifestyles to mine. I am beautiful, smart, kind, and loving.

I want to be okay with not having my life all together. For anyone that knows me, my beau in particular knows this better than anyone, I am a planner. If it was possible I would have my life planned out until the day I die. I like things being according to plan and to my plan. As I get closer and closer to graduation I am realizing that I can’t have everything planned out. I don’t know where I will be after graduation or in 20 years. For the sake of my sanity I try to plan things out and that drives my boyfriend crazy. I am beyond grateful that I have him to help me see the beauty in the unknown. I will continue building on my comfort of the unknown this year.

I want to find peace with my body. A woman’s body is a wonderful thing. What it is capable of is astounding. It can rebound from my binge eating nights full of cake, chocolate, and popcorn. I want to appreciate what my body can do. My legs, with or without cellulite, allow me to run, dance, and jump with joy. I will stop crying in the mirror because I don’t like what I see. I will stop obsessing over every carb, protein, and fat that I put into my body. My body is powerful and beautiful and I will believe this by the time this year has come to an end.

I think that it’s very important to set goals for yourself for the year. Do they need to happen on the New Year? Of course not. Sometimes it’s just easier to see that fresh start on the calendar. We all need to take the time to look at our life. There are so many great things to look forward to this year and in this world. I am looking forward to everything it will bring to me as well as others. Hello 2016, I am ready for you! Cheers!


Until next time,

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Happy holidays from the Machula clan!