DIY Mason Jar Snowmen

Hello Friends!

I love cute little crafts that are easy to make to give as gifts. Everyone loves them and who doesn’t appreciate homemade gifts?! I made these mason jar snowmen the other weekend and they are so adorable and easy not to share with you all!


Here are the supplies:


Pipe cleaners

Pom Poms

Mod Podge


Mason Jar

Mason Jar lids with holes

Fake Snow

Model Magic

Hot glue gun


To begin, coat your mason jar in the Mod Podge and roll or press the jar into the fake snow and let dry for a few hours. I chose to repeat this step twice to make sure I got a good coating of the snow on the jar.



While the jar is drying make your nose from the Model Magic and allow that to dry.


After the jar is dried warm your hot glue up. While that is happening form the ear muff  from the pipe cleaners. I wrapped it around a jar to get that rounded look.


Glue that to the mason jar band that you bought with the new lids with holes.

Once that is done you can glue on the pom pons to the ends of the pipe cleaners.


Take your jar and find where you want to put the eyes. I screwed the band that I just glued the ear muffs to on to see where the eyes need to go. Glue the eyes on and then the nose you made out of the Model Magic. DSC_0234

I sprayed some hairspray on the snow part of the jar to prevent fall out of the snow. It really helped and did not leave anything sticky! I also added a little tea light in the jar so that at night the snow will glisten and shine.

There you have it! So simple but so cute and easy for those last minute gifts.

Hope you all are having and blessed holiday season!

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 8.05.38 PM




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